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Timelessly elegant, Merossi handbags are authentic and adaptable to both your day and evening outfits. Our handbags are essential accessories that enhance your look and underline your personality.


Uzbek silk combined with cotton ensures a perfect long-term hold of the fabrics. These are woven and hand-dyed in a unique edition for Merossi according to traditional methods, by hand, dyed with natural pigments and woven on wooden looms. This is also the reason why our collections offer pieces  with their own unique identity.


In line with our environmental philosophy, we have chosen to use materials free of PVC and solvents, non-animal origin. Our bags are made from materials derived from Clarino Crust technology, an innovative method that provides a high quality textured-leather finish and guarantees a long life to your bag.


Merossi bags honor those who wear them, we dedicate them to all lovers of beautiful objects. We chose ladies names for them to anchor this touch of femininity and elegance.

All our bags are made in Italy, cradle of craftsmanship and technical expertise in luxury leather goods. We are proud to present a collection whose finishing techniques are worthy of haute couture!

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