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Welcome to the world of Merossi

My name is Dila, and I am a Belgian-Uzbek woman making the utmost of my life in the modern world. After 20 years of building my life in Belgium, I felt the need to reconnect with my eastern roots and provide an opportunity for my daughters to discover their heritage within this intercultural mix.


Until now, I have developed my professional career path primarily by broadening my scientific knowledge and cultivating my Cartesian self. Nevertheless my desire for artistic achievement has always been part of me and today I aspire to give free rein to my creativity and imagination.


Merossi is the embodiment of my dream to create a bold and unique brand. More precisely, it is the product of the union between my Uzbek roots and my life in western society. My ambition now is to inspire other women and men to reconnect with their own cultural and family heritage, while still keeping an open mind for what is new around them.

Merossi offers a range of limited-edition items, sketching an exclusive and timeless union between elegance, style and sensuality that lets you immerse in a warm and welcoming boudoir atmosphere.


Committed to sustainable development, Merossi works with materials produced using environmentally-friendly processes. We want to contribute to a fairer world, on the one hand by working with many talented craftspeople and on the other by ensuring these artisans receive fair remuneration.


Merossi is a brand that combines the sophisticated world of fashion and contemporary decoration. Through its unique concept, it builds an intergenerational bridge where Uzbek silk, which has over 2,000 years of history behind it, comes into contact with 21st century modernity.


The history of the manufacture of Uzbek fabrics dates back to antiquity, and still today these ancient hand-weaving techniques guarantee finesse and quality.


The so called “ikat atlas” technique bears witness to a majestic union between silk and satin, while the “adras” technique melds the softness of silk with the sensuality of cotton. Silk is remarkable with its shimmering colours, as is its prominence in Uzbek clothing and decoration.


The marriage of this cultural heritage, this unique craftsmanship and these noble traditions lie at the very heart of the Merossi concept.

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