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Merossi maintains its bond of trust with its partners

The creation of Merossi is the result of an equation between the energy brought to me by my family, my friends, my Uzbek roots, the multicultural heritage that I want to pass on to my daughters, but also my life in Belgium where I evolved as a woman and as a professional. During all these years, I have acquired the knowledge and collected the experiences which have demonstrated the need to maintain excellent relationships with all those involved in my activity. Partners and suppliers are the first showcase for a quality end result. This is why, even during this period of particular health crisis, I continue to maintain relationships of trust that bind Merossi to these actors and to our values.

My experiences based on Merossi

In my career, I have had the opportunity to work with many partners and suppliers. Through face-to-face contacts during the monitoring of the first stages of projects, I understood the importance of establishing a relationship of trust with them. The cultural differences and the operating modes of the countries I visited required a significant form of empathy, especially in a new professional context. These experiences help me to move Merossi in a healthy and efficient direction, by building a relationship of trust and conveying the brand's values ​​to all its stakeholders.

Then came COVID-19

The health crisis caused by the arrival of COVID-19 didn't come at the right time for Merossi. These circumstances required me to re-challenge the stages of setting up the brand and the means of communication used with my partners and suppliers. I obviously wanted to keep a constant link with these actors, using all the resources at my disposal. My husband's Italian linguistic and cultural knowledge, for example, has helped me immensely in communicating with suppliers based in Italy. The current means of communication have helped me plan regular video calls and exchanges with my suppliers to discuss all the decisions to be made and the progress of the product manufacturing phases.

We stayed connected and Merossi evolved

Adaptability in the way of communicating with these actors requires a balance between empathy and thoroughness. Possible misunderstandings related to the communication tools used had to be taken into account, at the risk of affecting the quality of the final result. This is why we use a lot of "constructive questioning attitude" and "three-way communication" tools between partners / suppliers and me, with the aim of keeping the same guideline. The quality of these exchanges allowed Merossi to evolve in a complicated context and to maintain its objectives for the months to come.

By continuing our activities, we have also been able to contribute to the local economic activity.

Work based on common values

All of this would not have been possible without the energy of those around me and the establishment of healthy and strong values ​​around Merossi. We share mutual respect with suppliers and partners, as well as a love for our trades and a job well done. These values ​​are the cement of Merossi's evolution and a guarantee of quality that we are proud to promote. We know that our good collaborations are bearing fruit and are already allowing us to think about the future of Merossi.


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